The average living room size in our target communities have been on a decreasing trend. Hence it is becoming more and more important optimizing the organization of our customers’ households and hectic lifestyles. Betterware offers a unique and innovative product portfolio with great depth in the home organization segment focused on providing everyday solutions for modern spaces.

Betterware’s product portfolio is comprised by 8 different categories; including kitchen, promotionals, home solutions, bathroom, laundry and cleaning, smart furniture, tech and mobility and bedroom.





Tech and mobility

Laundry and cleaning

Home solutions

Smart furniture

Betterware offers its products through catalogues that include approximately 400 items, which are prepared based on extensive consumer’s reading behavior analysis, to ensure that the content is distributed in the most efficient way and purchases potential is maximized.

Betterware engages constant product innovation, introducing 300 new products every year, whose development is focused on refreshing catalogue content and propel returning customer sales.